Sárosi Orsolya
Rajnai Gábor
email: g.rajnai@chello.hu

(keyboard instruments)

Place and date of birth
Budapest 1961

Musical studies in Budapest
- Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music - Institute for Teacher's Training
piano department /teachers: Annamária Krause, Edit Hambalkó/
I graduated with an excellent degree

- State Music School, 2nd district - organ studies
/teacher: József Kárpáti/

- Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music - Department of Musicology
/teachers: György Kroó, Benjamin Rajeczky, András Szöllősy, László Dobszay, László Somfai, József Újfalussy, József Soproni/
I graduated with an excellent degree

Professional experiences
- State Music School 3rd district in Budapest
piano teacher and accompanist of singing faculty

1991 -
- State Music School, Csepreg
piano teacher, accompanist

Other musical activities
1996 - 2002
- Artistic direction of the Male Choir of Bük

2002 -
- Artistic direction of Clemens Chorus (Bük)

- Radio-, TV-, and CD recordings
- Concerts in Hungary and abroad
- Composing /chamber music, choir works, folk song arrangements, instrumental, secular and sacred music/
- Harpsichord player of the Anonymus renaissance ensemble

Family background

In my mother's family it is a long tradition to choose the pedagogical career. Many of the ancestors were teachers, my mother is a teacher of mathematics.
My father, Dr. Bálint Sárosi is an ethnomusicologist. He was a student, later a colleague of Zoltán Kodály at the Hungarian Institute of Musicology.
During the common work with my husband, the lutenist and singer
Gábor Rajnai, in the field of performing arts, Renaissance and Baroque music and the harpsichord have become important parts of my life.

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