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There begin a new era with the internet for stamp the collectors. Stamps are easy and quickly scanneable and usually are very spectaculars. They have much information's and value because many people are interested in. The quickest of them are on the net for a long time, they are communicate, collecting and trading here. For these reason many places are for collectors - see only my "Favorites". It is a great present for us to able to built valuable contacts on the internet.

I collect the stamps of the Austro-Hungarian Empire since my kids years. Of course I have begin with postage stamps, but by this time my main scope became the revenues. If You are not familiar, see my Free On-line Revenue Catalogue. It can be seen that the last century of the Austro-Hungarian revenues is one of the top point of the philately!  Since 1995 I am a member of the Revenue Stamp Collector Association of the Hungarian Philatelist's (MABEOSZ). Last years I have made in Word some exhibition or album sheets for our scope (about 500 page). These  can not buy but swap for stamps at me.

Some of my frends didn't found a few hungarian items on the catalogue, look them on these hungarian stamps FAQ page.

For trading with You,  I am constructing hard these lists:

Want lists

1853 - November of 1918 Postage All kind of revenues
Austro-Hungarian Empire Austria - used
Bosznia-Herzegovine & Military stamps - used
Hungary - used

Offer lists (planned up to 2002 or more ;-)

1853 - 1918  Postage Document revenues Other taxes & municipals
Hungary Used Used Used
Austria Used Used Used
Lombardo-Venice - Used Mint and used
Bosnia-Herzegovina Mint and used Used -
1919 - 1960 Postage Document revenues Other taxes & municipals
Hungary Mint and used Used Used
Austria Used Used -
1960 - Postage Blocks Covers
Hungary Mint and used Mint First day & other
Austria Used  - -